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Culture Change as Prelude to Strategic or Operational Transformation

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Leaders often get frustrated when they try to implement change in their businesses because culture devours strategy and operations for breakfast.

Why do leaders so often get frustrated when they try to implement change in their businesses? The short answer is because culture devours strategy and operations for breakfast. And that reality is very difficult for hard-nosed, bottom-line oriented owners and executives to acknowledge.

Why is that important in the context of driving business transformation, be it large, small or some place in between? The short answer to this question is “change readiness”. Change readiness is an organization’s preparedness to understand, embrace, and implement change. Most leaders don’t give it even a minute of their time. It demands more. A lot more, if success is the end game.

In my practice I find that clients experience the most profound “a-ha” moments when they allow themselves to first gauge and subsequently cultivate change readiness across their business. Often the biggest challenge is to get them to open themselves up to acknowledge that their organization may not be prepared for the kind of change they envision.

The results are always eye-popping. And that’s what I love. In the spirit of the notion that transformation is preceded and accompanied by culture evolution, I share this recent article from McKinsey Quarterly that focuses on a single attribute of transformation – agility. Please share your thoughts on this topic.

Culture can make or break agility

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