Discover what Power90 and Power7 could do for your business.

Do you want to put your business on a steady execution rhythm that will drive higher profits AND free up more time to focus on growth?

Execution Power Cycles

Execution Power Cycles provides the steady, deliberate drumbeat that keeps your team in a systematic rhythm working towards the same business objectives.

Everyone gets on the same page and stays there.

And you see your team consistently deliver powerful results that you can only dream about today.


Because they are all crystal clear, tightly aligned, and focused sharply on your shared goals.

As a result, your people always know the right things to do to run the business effectively.

YOU are then able to focus on building and growing your business to the next level, instead of burying yourself in the everyday details of running it.

We work with you and your team to achieve this through the Power90 and the Power7.


The Power90 is a daylong session during which your team will formulate a highly effective execution road map for the next 90 days.

The Power90 recurs every quarter, so the impact of each session compounds over time.

At the end of each session, your team will have a clear 90-day game plan with shared business priorities, outcomes and measures of success.

Each team member will know their individual accountabilities and how they will collaborate and perform to achieve your business goals.


The Power7 is a tightly structured and highly effective weekly meeting cycle that keeps your team aligned and focused for each 90-day journey.

The consistent structure and predictable flow of these meetings gives your team a clear, shared snapshot of progress against 90-day objectives, and guides them to surface and resolve important issues quickly so momentum is maintained.

The result is that your team stays on course and on schedule.

The secret is to harness the steady and powerful drumbeat of clarity, alignment and focus to forge an execution force for your business that is far greater than the sum of its parts.

This is what Execution Power Cycles do for you.

Ken Webster, CEO
CHIPSA Hospital

Rachel Rofe, CEO

Deddrick Perry, COO
CHIPSA Hospital

Thomas Keller, IT Director
True Market Insiders

Ken Webster, CEO
CHIPSA Hospital

Jenn Patrino,
President & Co-owner of TierView Development

Rachel Rofe, CEO

Deddrick Perry, COO
CHIPSA Hospital

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