Discover how Right Team and Right Actions can transform your business.

Do you have the right team in place to propel your business to its full potential?
And are they consistently doing the right things to realize that potential?

Execution Power Levers

Execution Power Levers creates the optimal conditions in your organization so each person can function at the top of their game and collaborate effectively to achieve outstanding results.

Imagine what you could achieve if every person in your business executed the right things in the right way every time.

Your business would transform into one that runs leaner, delivers more, and performs like a finely tuned machine with little need for maintenance.

Execution Power Levers helps you optimize four fundamental elements of your business – 

  1. the right roles for your business to thrive
  2. the right people to fill those roles 
  3. the right values to guide those people 
  4. the right behaviors that express those values

As a result, your team will be positioned to execute consistently and deliver extraordinary results with less supervision.

Much like an orchestra in which many different musicians masterfully render one breathtaking symphony.

That will free YOU up to build and grow your business, instead of burying yourself in the everyday details of running it.

We work with your team and you to achieve this with the Right Team and Right Actions Levers.


Do you know precisely how many people your business needs, and in what roles, to maximize performance today and as it grows?

Are your leaders clear and aligned about identifying and nurturing the right people for your unique performance culture?

The Right Team Lever guides you to mastery in these areas.


Is everyone clear-and-aligned about the core values and core behaviors that fuel your unique performance culture?

Do you consistently evaluate everyone and recruit new talent using these values and behaviors as a critical yardstick?

The Right Actions Lever guides you to mastery in these areas.

The secret to routine high-performance is to have just the right people in the right seats acting in concert with a single, shared set of high-performance behaviors that represent your core values.

This is what Execution Power Levers do for you.

Ken Webster, CEO
CHIPSA Hospital

Deddrick Perry, COO
CHIPSA Hospital

Accountability Chart
Ken Webster, CEO
CHIPSA Hospital

Orchestra Analogy
Bill Spencer, Editor-in-Chief
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Ken Webster, CEO
CHIPSA Hospital

Core Values & Behaviors
Ken Webster, CEO
CHIPSA Hospital

Core Values
Deddrick Perry, COO
CHIPSA Hospital