Discover where and how to inject Execution Power Skills into your business.

Do your key people have the special skills to execute in ways that consistently drives great results?

Execution Power Skills

Execution Power Skills arms your team with powerful execution capabilities that multiply their impact on your business.

These are special capabilities that complement job-specific expertise and are neglected by most businesses.

Once mastered, Execution Power Skills fuel a relentless focus on “making an impact” over just “doing the job”.

When these skills become habits, your team will propel your business farther, faster than you thought possible.

Execution Power Skills consists of three superpowers.
  1. The first is to steer execution purposefully and relentlessly towards High-Impact Outcomes.
  2. The second is to swiftly detect and resolve High-Stress Issues so they remain resolved.
  3. And the third is to inspire, guide and corral others to achieve High-Octane Performance.

We work with your team and you to strengthen these specialized execution skills and then turn them into high impact habits that will set your business apart from those who compete with you.


Imagine your team members able to visualize upfront and in sharp detail what High-Impact Outcomes look and feel like for business objectives they own.

They can then draw up and manage a highly effective road map and interim milestones that position them to deliver big wins instead of simply checking off the completion box.


Businesses underestimate the very high costs inflicted by the myriad issues that linger unresolved over time.

Imagine your team members as masters of the techniques that enable them to swiftly and effectively identify and resolve underlying High-Stress Issues so they remain resolved and free up energy to build the business.

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Imagine leaders across your business masterfully inspiring, guiding and corralling their teams to High-Octane Performance.

They do that by systematically orchestrating…

  • Four facets of effective execution: Clarity, Alignment, Focus and Discipline, and
  • Four elements of team health: Trust, Constructive Conflict, Commitment and Accountability.

The secret is to shift the mindset, and resulting habits, from “do the job” to “make an impact”.

Think of it as a team of talented athletes who know how to play their positions learning how to consistently win games together.

That is what Execution Power Skills do for your business.

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