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The Team Style Optimizer

Discover Your Team’s Natural Teamwork
Preferences to Harness Their Productivity

Patrick Sanaghan and Avik Roy are experts in leadership development and team dynamics with decades of hands-on experience helping leaders achieve their business goals. One of their objectives is to help leaders close the execution gap in their business by improving upon their team’s strengths and building up the weak areas. While there are many reasons an execution gap may exist, one is that team members don’t always collaborate well because they lack the knowledge and understanding of different preferred styles of communicating and collaborating.

The authors have leveraged leading research on group development theories and practices along with their real-life experience to create this easy-to-use assessment for leaders, teams and individuals.  Learning about your individual style and the styles of your teammates will help you overcome communications issues. Leaders can aggregate the individual styles to learn where the team might be weak and need additional resources.

The five Styles described in the Team Style Optimizer are:

Analyzer / Detailer – These team members love details, facts, information, measuring things and keeping score. They are adept at managing complex tasks. They ask insightful questions that help everyone on the team understand what’s going on.

Implementer / Doer – These team members get stuff done, are high energy and action oriented. They have a sense of urgency about them and don’t need a lot of information to make decisions or move forward.

Collaborator / Connector – These team members recognize the different talents people bring to the table and can help them combine their strengths. People trust them and they tend to be good negotiators and can help resolve team conflicts.

Relator / Nurturer – These team members are powerful relationship builders and natural team players. They focus on creating a positive and safe team culture and believe that caring for each other enables the team to perform at high levels.

Visionary / Big Picture Thinker – These team members love playing with ideas, theories, and possibilities, and can think about the future implications of current events quite easily. They can grasp the essence of things quickly and inspire team members to accomplish more than they thought possible.

The Team Style Optimizer will guide you through the steps to assess each team member’s preferred styles of collaboration and communication. Each individual on the team will better understand their own preference and how it impacts their teamwork and collaboration with their teammates

The colorful, easy-to-use worksheets allow each team member to take the assessment to better understand their own style of collaboration and communication.

Once team members have their own scores, you can input them into the worksheet, as shown in the images above, to see which styles are represented on the team and which might be missing, giving everyone a much better understanding of your team dynamics.

You can now analyze the data, lead the team to brainstorm ways to fill the gaps, create a better team balance, and get more done. Whether you are the leader or a team member, having greater awareness about your team’s communication, teamwork and collaboration styles will enable your colleagues and you to drive stronger results.

You can purchase the book here.

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