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Nix the Execution Gap and Unleash Your Bottom Line

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The Execution Gap plagues every leader who has aspirations for their business or team but doesn’t see the results that match the potential.

Execution Gap –   the difference between what a leader sets out to achieve and their organization’s ability to fully and reliably deliver it.

Every leader who has a strong sense of where they would like to take their business, yet find their business is not consistently producing the right outcomes experiences an Execution Gap.

Eliminating or reducing the Execution Gap will unleash significant strategic, operational and financial gains. That, in turn, will clear a path to sustainable growth and performance momentum that, over time, will multiply the value of the equity in the business.

What would a future look like in which your team always executes in a state of deep clarity, tight alignment, and sharp focus? Essentially all rowing in unison towards the right outcomes? It’s not difficult to envision significantly higher profitability, more satisfied customers, improved performance on key operational metrics, greater focus on growth, lower attrition, better hires, and more.

This can be accomplished, and if you are committed to improving execution, it’s not even that hard.

The first step is to correctly identify the major symptoms of the Execution Gap in your business today. Some major symptoms are when everyone is

  • always too busy to set up the big future wins  
  • constantly immersed in solving the crisis-du-jour 
  • unsure about decisions and actions.

These are but just a few of the possible symptoms that lead to diagnosing the underlying root causes.  How these root causes contribute to the Execution Gap depends on your organization’s unique performance culture.

The next step is to select and tailor the right tools from a powerful toolkit of tried-and-tested approaches to address the root causes and symptoms.

The final step is to use these tools effectively to move the performance needle towards a Zero Execution Gap and to keep it there.

I am opening up my calendar to conduct complimentary Zoom or phone problem-solving session with leaders who find the idea of moving their organizations towards a Zero Execution Gap compelling. The objective of the call will be to surface, examine and resolve the symptoms and root causes of the Execution Gap that are unique to their business.


In that call, I will listen closely to the concerns you raise and we will end with one or two concrete, do-it-yourself initiatives that will help you begin the work of closing the Execution Gap.  After the call, I’ll email a brief summary of our discussion and remain available to informally answer follow up questions.

If you believe this can help your business let’s have the discussion. You have nothing to lose but the Execution Gap.

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