“Execution is a specific set of behaviours and techniques that companies need to master in order to have competitive advantage. It’s a discipline of its own.”

Larry Bossidy & Ram Charan 
Execution: The Discipline of Getting Things Done

Execution Gap – the difference between a leader’s goals and their organization’s ability to achieve them fully.

If you do, the 10 focus areas listed below will help you identify the symptoms, and possibly root causes of your organization’s unique Execution Gap. The focus areas are grouped into three broader categories to help you zoom in.

Once you’ve recognized the focus areas that your organization needs to work on, you can prioritize and address them with your team. The results can help close the Execution Gap and transform performance at your business.

If you’d like some specific tips on how to address your unique Execution Gap schedule a complimentary problem-solving session with me.

Establish the Right Execution Rhythm

Highly effective organizations establish a beat that seamlessly drives and synchronizes the different elements of execution.

1. Set goals & execution priorities that drive every action

2. Maintain a highly-effective execution meeting pulse keeps everyone on track

3. Identify and track measures and metrics that matter

4. Define effective core processes and make sure everyone is on board

Get the Right People Working in the Right Performance Culture

Having the right people in the right positions with a culture supporting high performance is key to eliminating the Execution Gap.

5. Make effective people decisions every time

6. Build a 100% right-person-right-seats organization

7. Nurture a unique high-performance culture within your team

Build the Right Execution Techniques and Skills

Special skills that convert execution knowledge into execution actions can be identified and developed in each team member.

8. Develop skills to steer high-impact outcomes

9. Practice highly-effective issue resolution

10. Inspire others to achieve high-octane performance

Eliminating or reducing the Execution Gap will unleash significant strategic, operational and financial gains that will clear a path to sustainable growth and performance momentum that, over time, will multiply the value of your business.

What would a future look like in which your team always executes in a state of deep clarity, tight alignment, and sharp focus? Essentially all rowing in unison towards the right outcomes? It’s not difficult to envision significantly higher profitability, more satisfied customers, improved performance on key operational metrics, greater focus on growth, lower attrition, better hires, and more.

I am opening up my calendar to conduct complimentary Zoom or phone problem-solving sessions with leaders who find the idea of moving their organizations towards a Zero Execution Gap compelling. The objective of the call will be to surface, examine and resolve the symptoms and root causes of the Execution Gap that are unique to their business.

In that call, I will listen closely to the concerns you raise and we will end with one or two concrete, do-it-yourself initiatives that will help you begin the work of closing the Execution Gap. After the call, I’ll email a brief summary of our discussion and remain available to informally answer follow up questions.

If you believe this can help your business let’s have the discussion. You have nothing to lose but the Execution Gap.