A Morph4Sys Success Story

Cancer Hospital Uses Power90 to Streamline Execution and Focus Owners on Driving Growth

Cancer Hospital worked with Morph4Sys to transform the executive team into a high-performing unit that ran their integrative-care hospital so effectively that it freed up the owners to concentrate on growing the business.

A post-acquisition turnaround opportunity

Our client acquired an integrative-care cancer hospital as a turnaround opportunity in 2014. 

Prior to the acquisition, the hospital’s reputation had fallen into decline as a result of previous mismanagement and negligence. 

As the new owner, our client quickly stabilized the hospital by immersing themselves into day-to-day operations.

Within a short period, the hospital was functional again, admitting, treating and caring for patients and their companions.

However, operations remained chaotic and uncoordinated, presenting a continuous stream of unexpected but avoidable problems requiring the owners’ constant attention and handholding.

End the chaos. Open the door for growth.

As the hospital began to see an increase in patient flow, day-to-day operational challenges began to increase rapidly.

A typical day for the owners required them to wade into a sea of often-recurring operational problems, including individual patient concerns, team and staffing issues, supply chain and infrastructure failures, one-off firefights, compliance challenges and more.

The owners were exhausted and stressed.

They realized that in order to sustain progress, they needed to find the time to address strategic priorities that would secure the future growth and sustainability of the business.

Team clarity and alignment drive operational effectiveness.

The owners of the hospital knew they needed help. In 2017, they reached out to Morph4Sys for assistance in establishing greater clarity, alignment and accountability for their executive team.

The objective was to reduce the need for constant oversight and handholding, without compromising business performance and results.

Several significant problems were identified:

M4S recommendation was to establish a clear, well understood methodology to run the business on a day to day basis in a way that would achieve the owners’ objectives.

When I first came to CHIPSA, one of the most striking issues was the lack of trust that existed amongst the leadership team…

The owners agreed with our recommendations and we began by working with them to establish a planning rhythm using the quarterly Power90 program.

The daylong Power90 workshop is designed to get everyone on the same page and get the team clear and aligned on a 90-day execution game plan for the next business quarter.

We worked with the owners to customize and implement Power90 to fit their unique business of treating cancer patients, as well as their distinct organizational culture with its diverse array of medical, patient care, operations support and business professionals.

If we didn’t have these structured 90-day execution cycles, our business would be in COMPLETE CHAOS, kind of like it was before we had these structured 90-day execution cycles.

If we didn’t have these structured 90-day execution cycles, our business would be in COMPLETE CHAOS, kind of like it was before we had these structured 90-day execution cycles.

Deddrik Perry – COO CHIPSA

After the first Power90 workshop, the owners shared that they could already see a positive impact.

For each subsequent quarter, the Power90 has brought the executive team and the owners together for a full day so they can review past performance, look ahead at important business objectives, and develop a clear game plan for the next quarter consisting of:

  • Business objectives and targets.
  • Clearly defined portfolio of essential projects required to hit those objectives and targets.
  • A single owner for every project in the portfolio with accountability for results.
  • A vehicle for tracking progress and performance relative the quarter’s objectives.
Creation of accountability amongst executive leadership, taking the stress off of owners

The owners quickly put their full support behind the Power90 program after recognizing the potential it had to transform their business.

After the initial couple of Power90 session, it became clear to them that it would measurably increase operational effectiveness and performance and that results would almost certainly follow.

Each successive Power90 – 11 at the time of this writing – has built upon prior sessions, systematically raising the team’s performance to levels previously thought unattainable.

The most profound change for individuals was their ability to more readily focus “on the business”, instead of remaining immersed “in the business” of day to day firefighting.

The owners quickly learned to elevate-and-delegate, giving their executive team more room to step up and, armed with a well-defined portfolio of projects, the executive team began to take collective ownership of the execution roadmap.

Business performance has steadily improved with every Power90 this team has completed.

After the first year of working together, the client CEO shared that, “Engaging Morph4Sys was the best money we spent this year.”