Martina Stone

Martina Stone

Senior Consultant

Martina believes that any business seeking to consistently achieve outstanding results must build a highly effective organization from the ground up with a focus on the primary source of horsepower – its people.

Not surprisingly, her consulting work enables clients to establish and maintain the right structure, the right expectations, and the right processes to execute successfully on their most important business objectives.

Martina has worked with clients ranging from the Fortune 500 to early-stage startups.

Her first-hand experience of building strong people foundations helped these organizations keep their eye on the important stuff without getting bogged down by distractions.

Martina is most energized when she is working closely with her clients to identify and act on their greatest opportunities to improve performance and drive growth.

Avik Roy

Avik Roy

Managing Director

Avik’s biggest lesson from 25+ years of diverse business leadership roles is that lasting success is impossible without great execution.

He realized that most businesses possess mastery of their line-of-business but suffer from an inability to effectively apply the principles and practices of sound execution, at scale.

That “execution gap” deprives them of a big chunk of performance potential they are simply not capitalizing on.

Avik started Morph4Sys with a deep commitment to guide business leaders and leadership teams close that gap.

Before Morph4Sys, Avik applied and improved what he had learned about execution to grow a $12MM ecommerce business to $85MM in 4 years.

He then developed the three fundamental solutions Morph4Sys offers so leaders in any industry could rapidly close the execution gap and realize the full potential of their business.